Preschool Writing Tutors

Writing Problems? Does your preschooler show early signs of writing problems?

Our preschool tutors make early writing fun and easy and successful for all preschoolers using our STRONG™ Writing Method.

The STRONG Preschool Tutors get results quickly:

  • Preschoolers learn pre-writing skills through play. Children have fun learning to write through play.
  • Lessons are designed specifically for your child. Individualized tutoring makes learning quick and easy using drawing, tracing, and other fun writing activities.
  • Detects problems that may prevent your child from learning to write when ready.
  • Assures you that your preschooler will be prepared to write when developmentally ready.
  • Children enjoy practicing writing. Kids now like to write because it’s easier and a lot more fun.

STRONG Tutors make writing readiness fun.

Preschool is a time to play, make friends and experience the world. Most preschoolers are not ready to write, but they are ready and eager to do pre-writing activities that introduce writing and help prevent writing problems.

STRONG Preschool Tutors use the latest research, incorporating the latest findings to provide the most effective methods of helping your child with writing. Tutors use recognized essential writing components.

If your child is having difficulty writing, early writing readiness intervention will help prevent future writing problems.

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