Middle School Study Skills

Once a student learns effective study skills, all school work—studying, homework, writing papers—becomes faster, easier, better, and much more enjoyable.

When students learn how to study, school—and life in general—become much easier.

Be aware that if your child is struggling in school, she may have poor study skills and work habits. There are many ways to learn effective study skills: from reading study skills books, taking a study skills course, or by having sessions on study skills with a learning specialist. However, once a child learns how to study, she needs to use the strategies. If she doesn’t, it’s the same as going to a weight-loss center and then going home and having a piece of chocolate cake.

Similarly, your child may be studying in ways that are not compatible with her learning style.

For example, her most efficient learning style may require verbal techniques, but she may often be studying using visual techniques. So although she is putting in ample time studying, she may be learning very little. You need to identify your child’s learning style and help her learn how to study accordingly. You may need to seek the advice of school personnel or a private learning specialist.

Because of these factors, and many others, having a tutor assisting regularly with homework, getting to know your child and their unique learning style, and tracking your child’s progress to success can make all the difference in the world in your child’s academic career.

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