High School Tutoring Services

Grades 9 – 12

Private Tutoring In All Subjects

Private tutoring is available in all subjects at all levels all year for remediation or enrichment.

Study Skills (including Organizational, Time Management & Memory Skills) Needed For Success

High school students learn essential skills necessary for achievement: time management, homework strategies, memory and organizational techniques. Private or group.

Reading Help To Improve Comprehension

High-school students learn how to stay focused, hook into the material and remember what they’ve learned while reading science, social studies, and literature. Private or group.

Writing Help To Improve Writing Skills

Students learn how to write easily and effectively using an easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach. The focus is on getting started, writing a perfect thesis, connecting sentences, and organizing ideas. Private or group.

Testing & Counseling

We offer a wide range of educational testing, counseling, and remediation services. This includes: Reading (decoding and comprehension), Writing, Spelling, and Math Evaluations, Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, Attentional Disorders (ADD, ADHD).

Regents Review Classes

We offer five-week review classes in key Regents courses to prepare students for the NYS Regents exams. They are taught by experienced, certified, expert teachers. Group only. (Private Regents preparation is also available for your child’s individual needs.)

SAT I Preparation

We prepare students for the SATs while helping them learn valuable skills for high school and college. The Verbal section focuses on building vocabulary, techniques to assess the meaning of unknow n words, reading comprehension, analogies, and test-taking strategies. The Math section takes the students from where they are and quickly and efficiently brings them up to SAT level. Private or group.

AP And SAT II Exam Preparation

We provide individual instruction for AP courses and SAT II Exams. This includes content and test taking strategies. Private sessions only.

College Advisement

We offer a full range of services. We’ll help with college selection, applications, essays, and interviews. Private sessions only.

Recommended Books

Study Skills Program – Achievement Boosters that Build Self-esteem. These five Study Skills Books systematically approach Study Skills, Memory, Reading, Writing and Math with easy-to-learn techniques and hands-on exercises from real-life situations.

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