Elementary Math Tutors

Are Your Child’s Elementary Math Problems Driving You and Your Child Crazy?

Now you can relax knowing that our math tutors make learning math and math homework fun and easy. We help your child achieve school success!

The STRONG Learning Math Tutors get results quickly with our STRONG™ Math Program

  • Kids are learning learn while having fun. No more whining about math. No more arguments about math.
  • Lessons are designed specifically for your child. Individualized tutoring makes learning quick and easy. You can rest assured that your child is getting the attention, care, and guidance he or she needs.
  • Self-esteem grows with success. Children feel better about themselves as they succeed in math. Your self esteem as a parent grows too. Now you can be proud that your child is succeeding in math.
  • Children enjoy learning math. Kids now like math because it’s easier and a lot more fun. You’ll stop wasting time and aggravation trying to make your kids to do their math homework.

STRONG Math Tutors use the latest research to effectively help your child learn math and overcoming dyscalculia.  Tutors simplify essential math components, such as understanding numbers, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, fractions, geometry, and problem solving. Additionally, math tutors combine everyday math with teacher modeling to continually practice math in fun and engaging ways. This develops your child’s focus and math abilities!

STRONG Math Tutors help kids who have problems with:

  • Dyscalculia
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication Facts-Times Tables
  • Division
  • Word Problems
  • Motivation
  • Focus, Concentration, and Organization

If your child is struggling in math—and homework takes hours—isn’t it time to stop the tears?

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