Elementary Tutoring Services

Grades K – 5

Reading Help — Motivate Your Child to Read

Using fun activities, young readers learn the basic phonemes, word families, comprehension strategies, and vocabulary they need to become good readers. Our phonics approach is based on the renowned Orton Gillingham method which uses comprehension techniques to help young readers learn how to focus and visualize. Private sessions only.

Math Help — Build a Strong Foundation

We develop your child’s mathematical understanding through age appropriate games  teaching computation (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing), application and concepts. Private sessions only.

Writing and Spelling Help — Create a Confident Writer

Children enjoy learning proper grammar and punctuation, spelling techniques, and writing strategies to foster creativity and communication skills. Private sessions only.

Introduction to Foreign Languages — Give Your Child a Real Advantage

It’s fun to learn a foreign language using age-appropriate games and songs. Children learn culture and simple conversational phrases. Children need to be able to read in English before enrolling. Private or group.

Testing & Counseling

We offer a wide range of educational testing, counseling, and remediation services. This includes: Reading (decoding and comprehension), Writing, Spelling, and Math Evaluations, as well as help with Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, and  Attentional Disorders (ADD, ADHD).

Recommended Books

Understanding People Storybooks, Beginning Readers – Eight engaging stories about children like themselves that promote self-esteem & character. Creative Thinking Workbooks – Seven fun-filled activities that develop creative thinking and writing while enhancing self-esteem and character.

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