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We at Strong Learning have been helping students learn since 1966. Beginning as Silbert Tutoring & Guidance Center, and depending solely on word-of-mouth recommendations and professional referrals, we have grown into a full service learning organization, Strong Learning, Inc.

Strong Learning offers assistance in the 3 R’s, individual and group Regents and SAT instruction, college and career advisement, and learning how-to-learn in order to make school easier, more pleasant, and a lot more successful.

Our philosophy is described well in the introduction of the newest award-winning book, Why Bad Grades Happen to Good Kids, written by the founders/directors of Strong Learning.

“Today, children (and their parents) are feeling more pressure than ever to succeed in school. Meanwhile, increasing academic standards are making it more and more difficult for them to do so. The goal of this book is to provide parents with practical advice on how to help their children succeed in school without letting the schooling process harm them or the well-being of their families. Along the way, we show parents how to build socially and emotionally strong children. This means children with authentic (as opposed to superficial) self-esteem. This also means children who are responsible, trustworthy people, capable of making important decisions and becoming dependable members of their various communities.”

The Silberts wrote this book as a resource for parents who are raising children in these pressure-filled, changing times. They made it short, informative, easy-to-read, and even entertaining. Parents who are looking for help on one school-related matter will find a host of other, more far-reaching suggestions that we hope will benefit them and their children, and improve not only their relationship with their children, but the climate of their household as well.


Linda and Al SilbertDrs. Linda and Alvin Silbert, the founders and directors, have dedicated over 40 years to the growth and enhancement of children’s intellectual, emotional and social development. They have written books for parents and teachers and over 40 books for children, K-college and have sold over a million copies. They have appeared on radio and TV throughout the U.S. & Canada.

The inspiration for these books came after ten years of teaching, tutoring and raising their own two children. They saw the need for quality material and guidance for children that encouraged higher-level thinking skills.

So, in 1976, they began writing for the educational market and soon produced the Creative Thinking Workbook series, which also marked the debut of their trademarked characters, the Little Twirps®. This was the start of Silbert & Bress, Inc.–the publishing company they created to support their mission for Strong Learning Centers.

The two companies have merged, and today, Strong Learning publishes their 40 educational books and workbooks for children, 45 phonics, math, and reading card games, and 15 educational lotto games. Beaufort Books NY, publishes and distributes their award winning book for parents, “Why Bad Grades Happen to Good Kids.” Three additional titles will be published in March 2013.

Strong Learning Centers provides full service in all fields of education, including: private tutoring, remediation and enrichment, Educational Testing, SAT, Regents, and other exam preparation, college and career advisement, ADD and Dyslexia remediation, and learning how-to-learn in order to make school easier, more pleasant, and a lot more successful.

Thank you for your confidence and your kind recommendations and referrals.

Our Instructors

Our instructors, who must meet rigorous standards to qualify to work with us, are outstanding. They are enthusiastic, able to communicate and relate well with students, and able to draw out the very best from each student. They are certified, experienced teachers who know how to make learning easy and fun.

Professional Affiliations

We are members and therapists for the International Dyslexia Association-IDA (Orton-Gillingham), Everyone Reading and the Learning Disabilities Association-LDA.

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