From study skills to SAT’s, from learning disabilities to problems in individual subjects, from reading and writing difficulties to AP prep, Strong Learning’s professional tutors will help your children achieve success in school while building their self-esteem. With no contracts required, every lesson is tailored to your child’s needs and busy schedule.

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Small Group Tutoring

  • SATs, ACTs, AP, Regents, ISEE, TACHS, ....
  • Global Studies, Earth Science, Living Environment / Bio, Chemistry, ...
  • Limited Enrollment − SAVE 60%
  • No contracts required − since 1966
  • Join our groups or form your own
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One-to-One Tutoring

  • All subjects, all grades, all levels
  • SATs, ACTs, AP, Regents, ISEE, TACHS, more...
  • Dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD remediation, more...
  • In your home, at a location near you, or online
  • No contracts required − since 1966
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Josh-Grade 10. "Learning doesn't have to be worksheets and books. Fun and interesting activities keep my interest and concentration, so I learn new things all the time. It's a lot easier to learn using games, puzzles, plays, and


Enrichment. Vincent-Age 10 craved academic stimulation beyond the routine 5th grade math and science, so he comes to Strong Learning for enrichment. "The high school math book is a lot more interesting than the 5th


Julia, Grade 5. "I didn't like math, but after doing math with you, it now makes a lot more sense to me. I think I even like it now. I don't even mind doing the math homework anymore, and it takes a lot less time too. Thanks."

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